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important otp headcanons to consider

  • who wakes up one morning to find the other passed away in their sleep
  • alright goodnight guys i’ll see you in hell
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sometimes i get these heterosexual urges and i’m so ashamed and i don’t know what to do with myself

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aliens exist and they’re communists.
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Dear White People Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Comedy HD

all I see is black people talking about this. white people. go see this movie. you need to see this movie.

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Yet they claim that the queer community is overly sexual and puts our sex lives out there. Straight people are weird. 

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Back in prehistoric times it was just a free for all. God was putting antlers on everything and made 7 foot tall gophers with wings, it was a mess.


Look at this poor, impractical bastard. 

The prehistoric era was God’s Deviantart stage.

Now he just hides all of his stupid-looking OCs in the ocean where no one can find them.

I can’t not reblog this

Verena Michels and Zyanya Keizer S/S 2015

Verena Michels and Zyanya Keizer S/S 2015

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Badger is really tired after a long day of sleeping in the bathroom sink.

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